The journal was established in the year 2001. Since 2003 there were special issues as proceedings from conferences and congresses organised by two publishers (two Universities) together with normal journals issues. The frequency of issues is two per year.

 The International Journal of Transport & Logistics is non-commercial, scientifically oriented and unique by its content within the countries of the Visegrad Group.

The uniqueness of the journal is reposed on:

  • The editor, as a guarantor of the Carpathian Logistics Congress and also the proceedings publisher, is accredited in all three levels of University education in the field of Logistics (Bc., MSc., Ph.D.) and has the right to habilitation and inauguration procedures in the field of Logistics. There is no other subject with these rights within the Visegrad Group.
  • The articles in the journal, in a great deal, are focused on the applied research in areas of transport and logistics i.e. the results are verified by applications in practice.
  • The journal, because of its versatility, is a valued material not only for academia but also for various production or trade companies.
  • Each article is reviewed by a member of the Editorial Board.

The authors of the articles (papers) are from different countries from all over the world i.e.: Russia, Japan, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, The Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, USA, Norway, Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Nigeria and that is why the international diversification of all articles is guaranteed.

Since July 2018 the website of the journal has been changed. Old journal website is available here.