Model for collection of wastes in conditions of Slovakia

  • Lucia Čabaníková Technical University of Kosice
  • Nikoleta Mikušová
Keywords: waste, waste management, waste collection, waste sorting, plastic waste, Saaty's method


This article deals with the issue of waste collection in Slovakia, emphasising its key importance in the context of environmental sustainability. Waste production is an integral part of human existence, and every individual contributes to its increase practically daily. With the growing economic development of our community, the amount of produced waste is constantly increasing. However, this waste, seen as a key problem of environmental pollution, is generated not only by producers but also by final consumers who contribute to it. This article presents an analysis of waste management in Slovakia, an analysis of waste collection with a focus on plastic waste. The article also includes a waste collection model that uses Saaty's method. Plastic waste, as one of the main components of municipal waste, is relatively easy to recycle, therefore the aim of this work was to find a suitable location in the Košice Region of the Slovak Republic, where a centralized collection point could be located, specifically for plastic waste.

Transport & Logistics