Reviewing procedure


Each submission is checked for suitability when received by the editorial office, and may be rejected without review if it is outside the scope of the journal, insufficient quality, or it is missing important sections.

Editor-in-Chief and the editorial office reserve the right to select different experts as reviewers for the authors’ topics of the manuscript.

The journal uses single-blind peer review (the authors do not know the identity of reviewers, but reviewers do).

On receipt of two reviews, the Editor-in-Chief will make a final decision similar as reviewers: (1) Accept Submission, (2) Revision required, (3) Resubmit for review, (4) Resubmit elsewhere, or (5) Decline submission. The reasons for the decision will be communicated to the authors.

When the decision of “Revision required” is made, and the authors do not revise their submission satisfactorily after receiving reviewer reports, then the Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to reject the submission. When revised submission are received the Editor-in-Chief will make a decision depending on the level of revision requested.

The time to review and make a decision is extremely variable since it is sometimes difficult to find suitable reviewers, and there may be delays in receiving reviewer reports. The Editor-in-Chief and editorial office make all efforts to minimize the time from submission to first decision. The journal aims to make a first decision (after review) within 15 – 60 days, but cannot guarantee this.