Design solution of handling equipment for interoperational transport of injection molds

  • Silvia Maláková Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Samuel Sivák Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Keywords: transport, handling equipment, design, inter-operative transport


This article focuses on the design of a transport device specifically tailored for handling such heavy molds. The objective is to create a device that can securely and easily handle molds of various sizes, transporting them between the press and the mold warehouse, or vice versa, from the mold warehouse to the injection press. This article was created based on the requirement of a company working for the automotive industry. This company produces large-sized plastic moldings such as dashboard, car door trim and the like. These moldings are produced on large-size injection molding machines, with massive injection molds. One of the problems with this business was the handling of these massive forms, which can weigh tens of tons. The strength calculation of the structure is carried out using Finite Element Method (FEM) in the conclusion.

Transport & Logistics