Investigation on elevator load traction components subjected to axial load

  • Yusuf Aytaç Onur Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University
  • Hüseyin Sekmen
Keywords: Elevator belts, elevator ropes, tensile testing, tensile stress


Elevator structures have been utilizing to help human life more comfortable. It provides transportation between floors in multi-storey buildings. An elevator serves in buildings with two or more floors. Elevator car which is oriented by guide rails is utilized for transportation of passengers or other loads entered into car. Elevator car and counterweight are suspended by means of traction components such as steel wire ropes and belts. Steel wire ropes and belts are used as load carrying member in the elevator systems. Elevator systems are exposed to external loads while performing their duties because of entering passengers or goods into elevator car. Stresses and elongations occur in accordance with those external loads. In this study, mechanical properties and maximum lifting capacities of innovative rope and belt samples have been determined by using tensile testing machine and compared. Two different kind of samples have been used. One of which is elevator rope with 6 mm in diameter and second is elevator belt having 50 mm width. It has been concluded that the investigated elevator belt carries much more load than the rope.

Transport & Logistics